Updating Date/Time on Your Clover® Payment Device

All Clover® devices have the ability to auto update for daylight savings time, if the ‘Daylight Time’ option is selected for your specific time zone. To see what time zone your device is set to, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the ‘Settings’ Icon from the home screen
  2. Scroll down and touch ‘System’
  3. Click ‘Date&Time’

If the timezone says ‘Standard Time’ in it, your device will not automatically update and you will need to login to the Clover Dashboard in order to update.

From the Clover Dashboard:

  1. Go to Account & Setup
  2. Click About your Business
  3. Click Business Information
  4. Select the proper timezone with ‘Daylight’ in the name
  5. Click Save.

This is important to ensure your Clover payment terminal processes and settles each day at the accurate time, keeping your deposits on schedule.