Cross-Posting: Grow your bridal store’s social presence

It’s no secret that social media has had an enormous impact on businesses for the last few decades. We’ve gone from sharing simple life updates to being able to connect directly with customers to sell our products and services. The bridal industry is one of many industries that has used social media to showcase, engage and promote their bridal stores and the designers they carry. So it comes as no surprise that having an effective social media strategy and online presence is vital for growth, retention, and overall customer engagement for your bridal store. 

Cross posting is a social media strategy every bridal store should be doing 

Cross-posting is one of the most efficient ways to make sure your bridal store is seen by potential customers. Creating unique content for each platform is cumbersome and time consuming, cross-posting eliminates the need for different pictures, videos, ads, and text captions for each social media platform. You can make one single post and apply it on two or three different sites! This keeps your bridal customers in loop with updates and engaged with your business. Pro Tip: To avoid sounding like a broken record or lazy with your posts, alter the post while keeping the content aligned with your other platforms. Social entrepreneur, Gary Vee, takes cross-posting a step further enlisting his ‘pillar content’ strategy. His popular strategy is to create one piece of long form content (a video, vlog, blog..etc.) then dicing it up to create “micro content” to share across different platforms. This allows you to use content more strategically while preventing content creation fatigue.

Okay, but how do I actually cross-post? 

To cross-post take the content you’ve made for one platform and either share it or recreate it for your other social platforms. Some platforms already let you share your post automatically from one to another, such as Facebook and Instagram, thank you Mr. Zuckerburg. Other platforms may require you to adjust your video, image, or text slightly to fit their required layout. Nearly all the social sites have tutorials on how to do this effortlessly. If you want to create all your posts at once and share them manually on your social accounts, you can with ease using popular design sites, like Canva, or social media managers, like Loomy. Some of these sites are free, while others come with a nominal fee.

What are the most effective social platforms for the bridal industry? 

Since formal wear and wedding dress customers skew toward Millennials and Gen Z, bridal stores need to post where that audience lives online. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, are some of the most popular and helpful social platforms for the bridal industry. Utilizing video feeds, such as Tiktok and Instagram Reels, has changed the game in online shopping and engagement as Gen Z brides start to plan their weddings and formal events. Social platforms are commonly used for gathering ideas and planning events, so naturally people will be transfixed for hours pinning, saving, scrolling and creating their dream day. Thankfully, these platforms are also among the easiest to post, cross-post and share the beautiful details about your bridal store, dresses and events too.