Top 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Whether you’re heading to your first bridal market or are a seasoned veteran, here are a few basics to keep in mind, courtesy of Janice Yoder on our Poppy Bridal advisor team! Janice is the owner of Adore in both Illinois and Arizona. She is a long time bridal market buyer and has been a bridal store owner for over 11 years!


  1. Wear or bring comfy shoes. Just because you’re shopping for formal-wear doesn’t mean you have to wear heels. Most likely, you’ll be doing a lot of walking.
  2. Bring layers. Who knows what the thermostat will be set at?
  3. Bring water. This isn’t a workout, but it could feel like it after a while.
  4. Take pictures. Create albums and sort by designer. Use “favorites” on your albums as a way to bring the “maybe” and “yes” dresses closer together so you can look through them later. 
  5. Bring an extra battery pack or charger. As you are taking pictures making notes on your phone, make sure you bring a way to recharge your devices! 
  6. Bring a binder. You might find yourself with more handouts than you can carry.
  7. Bring a (mostly) empty tote. Or find a booth giving one away. You’ll be getting a lot of stuff, so don’t over-pack.


  1. Don’t buy on the first day. Take some time to process, even if it’s just that first night. This is a multi-day event!
  2. Don’t buy duplicates. Each dress should be viewed as part of a bigger buying strategy; if you love two dresses but they are too similar, just pick one.
  3. Know that you can always walk away. If it’s not the right fit, it’s not the right fit. You know your store best and what will sell.

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