BRIDAL MARKET SERIES: Build Bridal Partnerships

Go to bridal markets not just to make better buys, but to make better partners. Just because you are buying from someone doesn’t mean your relationship has to be adversarial. It’s better for bridal store owners to think of vendors being with us, not vs. us. Remember, for vendors to be successful they need your business, but for you to be successful at your bridal store, you need to be able to buy their items. 

If you’re running into tight margins, have a conversation with your vendors about your budgets. Before you decide you need to walk away, start a conversation about why. Have your numbers with you so that way the conversation can stay focused on the data and not the emotion. More times than not, they will want to understand why, and work to come to mutually beneficial solutions. And even if you can’t come to an agreement, it could help preserve a better relationship for the future.